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02 Entertainment and Naija Rhythm are collaborating to present the inaugural "Rhythm in Ondo City Concert and Awards 2024," a groundbreaking musical event celebrating Ondo City's talent. 02 Entertainment, known for top-notch events nationwide, is bringing its expertise to Ondo City. Naija Rhythm, a key player in promoting Nigerian music, joins the event to highlight local talent and foster emerging artists.
Scheduled for March 31st, 2024, at the Robertware Event Centre, the concert will showcase diverse musical genres, blending traditional and contemporary styles. The day includes an opening ceremony, cultural showcases, and a musical competition offering a grand prize of N2 million cash and a N20 million record deal.
The event will also host the Ondo City Awards, recognizing excellence in politics, community development, empowerment, and more. The call for artists to participate in the concert invites budding talents to compete for the chance to win substantial prizes and a record deal. The event aims to put Ondo City on the map as a vibrant hub for musical excellence.

About The Activities

Rhythm in Ondo City Concert

Produce By :

02 Entertainment


Auditioning: Unleash your musical prowess! Auditions will be your gateway to the spotlight. Stand out and secure your spot in the prestigious Rhythm in Ondo City Concert.


Eki Fame House: Welcome to Fame House, the epicenter of creativity! Contestants will reside in this dynamic space, fostering collaboration, growth, and the forging of musical bonds.


Camp Sheriff: Meet the Camp Sheriff, your guide through the exhilarating journey. From mentorship to challenges, they're here to shape your path to stardom.


Rehearsal Room with Musical Instruments: Immerse yourself in the Rehearsal Room, equipped with top-notch musical instruments. Hone your craft, refine your sound, and get ready to captivate the audience.


Music Judges: The maestros behind the scenes! Our esteemed panel of Music Judges brings unparalleled expertise to evaluate and guide contestants on their musical odyssey.


Artist Names: The stage is set for the rising stars! Get ready to witness the talents as each is bringing a unique flavor to the Rhythm in Ondo City Concert.


Diverse Genres Testing: Variety is the spice of music! Contestants will be tested across different genres – R&B, Afropop, Highlife – showcasing their versatility and musical prowess.


Contestants Performances (Twice a Week): Brace yourselves for bi-weekly performances that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The stage is yours, and the world is watching.


Playlist Challenge: Scored against the best! Contestants will navigate a curated playlist, showcasing their adaptability and skill across diverse musical landscapes.


Performance Date: The grand stage awaits! Mark your calendars for the ultimate showdown on Easter Sunday, April 7 by 3pm at the Robertware Event Centre, Ondo where dreams will transform into mesmerizing performances.

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Run For The
Ultimate Prize!
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Your Unique Sound, And Be In The Running For The Ultimate Prize.


Make Payment Of Non-Refundable N5,500 And Complete Your Registration Process To Enter Into The Competition

Get Votes To Top 10

Get Votes From Fans To Enter Top 10

Run For The Ultimate Prize

Winners Of The Musical Competitions Win Grand Prize Of (N2 Million In Cash And A Record Deal Worth N20 Million) As Outlined In The Competition Details.